I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1961, but my parents were Greek immigrants. The first language I learned was Greek, but despite that, I soon learned Portuguese and became a poet as soon as I learned to write, at the age of 7.

My literary talent has been recognized by my teachers and I have received several literature awards at the school. Also, I won a car in a contest organized by a magazine in my city by writing an essay.

I was approved at one of the best universities in Sao Paulo and I intended to study Portuguese and teach this language at a university in addition to becoming a famous writer, but due to the lack of security in Brazil due to numerous robberies, I ended up deciding to live in Greece where I have many relatives.

I got married and when I was pregnant I started having psychological problems because a young cousin of mine and my mother-in-law died in the same week.

I studied several psychology books, very interested in dream interpretation because I had many impressive dreams until I concluded that only Carl Jung's method helped me understand the meaning of dreams, and understand why I got nervous so easily.

Thanks to the interpretation of my dreams I was cured and calmed down. I started helping several people solve their psychological problems through the interpretation of their dreams (pro bonus) since 1990, always with success, because the unconscious mind that produces dreams works like a doctor. I'm just a dream translator who helps people understand dream messages and put the wise unconscious guidance into practice.

I wrote several books on the importance of dreams and sound mental health after continuing Jung's research and discovering a lot more, and then I started working on the internet and translating people's dreams for payment.

I'm very busy at the moment, but if you need help you can send me your dreams. If I have time, I will take care of your case and translate your dreams for you.

Thank you for your visit!



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Christina Sponias

I’m a literature writer and a philosopher who became a mental health therapist through dream translation after continuing Carl Jung’s research.